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I definitely recommend vision therapy. It makes reading so much easier and faster.
Ellie M    -    December 2019

Doctor Comments
Thanks Ellie. We are delighted vision therapy helped reading to be faster and easier for you before you head off to Iowa State in the fall. Our best wishes to you!

Vision therapy was the best thing we could have done for our son. He can see out of his eye now and see things in all directions.
Susie M    -    November 2019

Doctor Comments
We are so pleased with Connor's progress! The improvements he has made with his eye turn are remarkable. His eye no longer turns inward, he can see with both eyes, and have nice stereo depth perception. It' wonderful when we can work through these challenges when children are young so vision problems don't hold them back in school, sports, and activities. We thank the parents for prioritizing vision exercises and making positive changes for their children.

I have been a patient at this practice for right around 20 years. They were recommended to me by a coworker, and at the time were located down town. I had been experiencing many random eye issues, and had previously only gone to optical places at the mall. The doctor found some issues, and treated them. They were so observant, and on top of things way back then, and continue to have the best technology, staff, and practices to really look at your vision and how it effects your entire person/health. It amazes me, the advances and knowledge that this team of doctors has. They work with you and your child to make sure that your eye sight and eye comfortably is 100%. I can't say enough about the wonderful staff in every section. The welcoming front desk, the ladies that do the eye tests, the doctors, and the staff that helps you with contacts, and the glass staff as well. Not only that, but they give you a 2 year warranty on glasses, which is amazing, as most places give only 1 year warranty. (insurance only covers glasses every 2 years). They truly want you to have the best care possible, I have felt that care for 20 years, as well as have brought my own child here since she was 1. If you want the best care for your eyes, this is the place. The vision therapy and what they offer to help children is wonderful! This is a practice for you for any age of your family. Cradle to grave, they have my business!
Michelle G    -    April 2019

Doctor Comments
Thanks Michelle--we appreciate your kind words! It has been our pleasure to be your vision practice for the past 20 years.

Before coming to Cedar Rapids Eye Care, we didn't know that vision therapy was even a type of treatment. We though our son's reading challenges were due to age and lack of interest in reading. We had absolutely no idea that he had so many visual challenges with reading and comprehending. From day one, Maria had our son's best interest top of mind. The homework kept the momentum of the therapy sessions going in a positive direction. Maria was patient and dedicated to Dylan's success. While no parent ever wants to see their child in therapy, we are grateful for Maria for helping improve our son's vision and processing!
Jennifer S    -    June 2018

Doctor Comments
Thanks so much! We know Maria thoroughly enjoyed working with your family. It was great to see Dylan's growth every week. Your family was wonderful to partner with, too. We appreciated your commitment to consistent practice and Dylan's positive attitude. Under the guidance of an experienced vision therapist like Maria, we knew he would be successful!

In 13 years of being parents, this is the best money we've ever spent. Vision therapy has produced an amazing change in our son.
Maggie N    -    April 2018

Doctor Comments
Wow! Thank you for your kind words. We are so blessed to work with such committed parent partners like your family. It is a true joy to see our patients grow and succeed. We all agree--your son is amazing!

Cayden had a great experience with vision therapy! Maria was outstanding and he enjoyed every session. When Cayden first started, he could cry reading very simple books--easy reader books. He would get frustrated and shut down. After about 6 weeks of sessions he was reading chapter books without us asking him to. He truly enjoyed reading for the first time. Cayden also started Archery for the first time at the beginning of his fifth grade year. He started out shooting in the mid-one hundreds and he started to steadily get better. He ended up his Archery year shooting 252 out of 300 at State and he qualified for Nationals. His vision was getting better and better with each session and tournament, advancing him further and further. We are grateful for vision therapy and Maria for all it has done for Cayden!
Amber S    -    March 2018

Doctor Comments
Congratulations Cayden! We are delighted to hear all of the great things your clear vision is helping you achieve in the classroom and at Archery! It was a joy to work with your family in vision therapy. All of us at Cedar Rapids Eye Care wish you all the best at Archery Nationals!

We were skeptical about the vision therapy process, but in the end the time and financial commitments were well worth it for the success and progress that Jackson made. Reading was always a forced activity, one that could end in tears. After vision therapy, Jackson not only chooses to read, but he enjoys it as well. School has become much less stressful for him and academic success is happening an lot easier for him now. Jackson has always been a hard worker, but it is wonderful to see him be more successful and enjoying things more. He is not only reading more, but also playing more games and participating in sports activities. We took our home vision therapy time very seriously and were dedicated to making progress. That, combined with Maria's sessions and support for Jackson, has truly made a difference for him. We cannot express enough gratitude and appreciation for the positive difference vision therapy has made in Jackson's life.
Matt a    -    December 2017

Doctor Comments
Thanks so much, Stolba family! Your family's dedication really paid off--Jackson graduated 6 weeks ahead of schedule and he met all of his goals. That is awesome teamwork! It was a joy to learn that Jackson is leading his class to earn reading points to earn a class party. No more tears--he can see clearly and has gained ability and confidence. Nice work!

My advice to people who are considering vision therapy: Do it! the results are well worth any time and effort required on your behalf. My reading score on the ACT increased from a 27 to a 31 after vision therapy.
Sophie C    -    December 2017

Doctor Comments
Congratulations, Sophie! Combining the right glasses prescription with 6 weeks of vision therapy to improve the saccaddic functioning of your oculomotor muscles did the trick! We wish you all the best in college. Keep optometry school on your radar!

Vision therapy made the difference between college bound and not for Anson (our son).
Jeanette F    -    November 2017

Doctor Comments
We are delighted with Anson's outcome through vision therapy! He was a great worker and grew every week. Congratulations on graduating early--we can't wait to see your progress in January!

My advice for patients who are considering vision therapy for amblyopia (lazy eye), binocular vision dysfunction, and sports training for baseball: It's very helpful and you will, without a doubt, see improvements in sports and everyday life IF you dedicate yourself to it.
Matt C    -    October 2017

Doctor Comments
Congratulations, Matt! We were so delighted to hear your hit your first home run of the season after gaining acuity and improved eye-hand coordination through vision therapy. We wish you all the best at the University of Iowa in your biomedical engineering studies. We are thrilled that your improved binocular vision is helping you see the small details in your microscope labs. Great work!

My advice to parents who are considering vision therapy: Do it!! It was a game changer for our daughter on so many levels--confidence, ITBS scores, school work, and quality of life.
Anonymous b    -    October 2017

Doctor Comments
Thank you so much! Your family was wonderful to work with. Every week you consistently did your exercises and your daughter's visual skills grew quickly over her 9 weeks of therapy. Your dedication paid off. We were thrilled to learn that your daughter gained the ability to read her Iowa Test of Basic Skills all by herself. She shared with us that she scored above grade level for the first time in her life. Congratulations! Clear vision is a wonderful skill.

I cannot say enough positive things about vision therapy and the wonderful, caring staff at Cedar Rapids Eye Care. With Maria's guidance and consistent daily work at home, we have seen such an improvement in our son's vision. Not only can we see his eyes physically strengthening, we have noticed his--well--NOTICING. From big things such as trees and flowers, etc to little things such as details in books. Even the way he walks and uses the stairs. I will forever be an advocate for vision therapy and Cedar Rapids Eye Care in particular!
Chris a    -    September 2017

Doctor Comments
Thanks, Kathy! It was a joy working with your family and seeing Bridger gain skills every week. When a patient loses double vision and gains clarity, details really "pop!" Thank you for your kind words!

This program (vision therapy) is absolutely worth every penny. We have seen so much improvement in reading and our son is enjoying school and learning so much more. He especially notices a difference in being able to visualize what he is reading. His reading is much more proficient and he is enjoying it. Yay!! Vision therapy is a commitment but the end results pay off. Thank you!!
Tiana D    -    Febuary 2017

Doctor Comments
We are delighted with Dawson's progress! Thanks to your commitment of working on exercises with your son for 15 minutes a day for four days in a week, he met his goals in 12 weeks. He is showing outstanding improvement in his convergence strength and his saccadic functioning--2 visual skills that really support reading. Congratulations!

With our daughter, we could see great improvement in just a few weeks. She loved going to vision therapy and doing all the fun activities.
Anonymous b    -    January 2016

Doctor Comments
Thank you for the kind words! Your daughter did an excellent job of practicing her exercises at home, so she grew very quickly as a result of that great teamwork! We are delighted that she thought her exercises were fun and she enjoyed her in-office therapy time.

Vision therapy is not a gimmick...it is a solid scientific way to help an anxious, frustrated child re-train the eyes and brain to work together. Not everyone needs VT, but it is a real, meaningful alternative for children and adults who suffer from lack of concentration or ability to focus or things just being "too hard." When given the right tools and the properly trained staff, VT is a gift and a chance to begin anew.
Anonymous b    -    September 2015

Doctor Comments
So many of our patients are very bright individuals with visual interference that has frustrated them for years and caused anxiety. By improving focal flexibility, ocular-motor function, and convergence strength, this patient gained clarity and confidence to try things that were previously just too hard. She reads for fun now and her teacher commented that she's come so far this school year--he didn't realize just how truly smart she is. Thank you for your commitment to your exercise regimen! We are so pleased with your progress!

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